CPD / CIP Points = 2

Estimated Duration = 2 Hours 

Creating Quality Submissions

Key learning outcomes:

The Creating Quality Submissions module’s learning outcomes starts with an examination of the information needed for a submission, and some sources for valuable research to enhance your submissions. A detailed analysis of the various elements of a submission, with a particular focus on the email subject line, the body of the email, and the email attachments follows. Learners will then participate in an exercise where they create their own submission.

The second segment of the module includes a conversation about tips for brokers in the submission process, an analysis of broker considerations when communicating with underwriters, and a discussion about common underwriter concerns with broker interactions. Exercises where participants are required to critique submissions are also included. The module concludes by examining the post-submission process including following up underwriters, giving them feedback, and keeping the prospect updated.

There will be a short break in the middle of the unit. Progress checks are done throughout the module. Time-permitting, a 12-question test will be conducted at the end of the training session.

Once this module is completed, the learner will be well equipped to Create Quality Submissions and have a broad understanding of mechanisms and tips that translate into better results for their prospects/clients.

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